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Pediatric Foot Care

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Pediatric Foot Care
Pediatric Foot Care services offered in Watauga, TX

If your child or teenager has a sports injury, other injuries, or a disease that affects their feet and ankles, seek an evaluation at Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care in Watauga, Texas. Highly trained podiatrist Daniel Cairns, DPM, offers complete pediatric foot care for children of all ages. To enroll in pediatric foot care for your child, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Pediatric Foot Care Q & A

What is pediatric foot care?

Pediatric foot care at Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care includes medical evaluations, diagnoses, and treatments of common foot and ankle problems many children and teenagers face. 

Dr. Cairns understands that adult foot problems are often preventable in childhood with the right prevention measures, care, and conservative interventions — such as orthotics and physical therapy — in place. 

What are common pediatric foot and ankle issues?

Common foot and ankle issues that pediatric foot care addresses include:

  • Fractures
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Sever’s disease
  • Tendonitis
  • Poor gait
  • Club foot
  • Sports injuries
  • Warts
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Shin splints
  • Open sores
  • Flat feet
  • High foot arches
  • Bunions
  • Foot or ankle pain

Sometimes foot and ankle issues go away without medical intervention. In other cases, however, seeing Dr. Cairns is the best way to recover from an injury, eliminate pain, and reduce the risk of future problems.

What are the signs my child needs pediatric foot care?

Some signs of foot and ankle problems in children and teenagers include:

  • Swelling
  • Reduced mobility
  • Limited joint range of motion
  • Visible deformities
  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Redness
  • Warmth
  • Stiffness
  • Bruising
  • Discoloration
  • Abnormal gait (the way a child walks)

Children are sometimes born with foot or ankle deformities, but injuries are common problems in kids and teens — especially those who are active and play sports. 

Is pediatric foot care right for my child or teenager?

To find out which foot or ankle problem your child may have, Dr. Cairns reviews their medical history, symptoms, and lifestyle. He examines their feet, ankles, and gait. He may also order blood tests, X-rays, an MRI, a CT scan, or another imaging procedure before tailoring a treatment plan.

Which pediatric foot care options are available?

Some of the pediatric foot care solutions Dr. Cairns may recommend, depending on the type and severity of your child’s condition, include:

  • Ice or heat packs
  • Rest
  • Switching to lower impact exercises
  • Wearing a brace or cast
  • Wound care
  • Fracture care
  • Physical therapy with a specialist
  • Injections
  • Orthotics
  • Ultrasound therapy 
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections 
  • Surgery

Most of the time, surgery isn't needed, but it’s available as a last resort at Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care if other treatments haven't worked.

To take advantage of comprehensive pediatric care at Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.