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Tips for Choosing Summer Shoes That Protect Your Foot Health

Jun 02, 2023
With summer right around the corner, you're probably already getting out your flip-flops and sandals — but those may not be your best option for healthy feet. Keep reading to learn tips for choosing the perfect summer shoes for optimal foot health.

During the warm summer months, throwing on flip-flops or walking around barefoot while enjoying the weather is not uncommon.

However, your feet are at risk without shoes, but the wrong shoes aren't helpful either. It's crucial to take the time to choose the proper footwear during the summer to ensure your feet stay healthy and uninjured.

At Toe-Tal Foot and Ankle Care, our team provides the tools for optimal foot health. Dr. Daniel Cairns is our experienced podiatrist offering tips and advice on the best shoes for summer fun.

Issues the wrong footwear can cause

Shoes are crucial to your daily activities and help protect your feet from injury. However, not all shoes are suitable for your feet and body.

Improperly fitted footwear or shoes without the proper support can lead to various issues with your feet, including:

If you're not careful, repeatedly wearing the same type of shoe causes chronic issues with your feet, back, and hips.

Summer shoes you should avoid

When the weather is warm, it's tempting to slip on some sandals or flip-flops and head out to enjoy the sun; but not all shoes suit your feet.

Any time of year, there are shoes that you should avoid wearing, as they can lead to various issues with your feet and other areas of your body. Some of the shoes you should steer clear of include:

Flip flops

Flip flops don't give your feet the support and cushioning they need. They can ultimately aggravate any existing foot problems you have.

You don't have to throw away all your flip-flops, but you should avoid wearing them daily or choose ones with padding and arch support.

High heels

High heels might be your go-to for a cool summer date night, but be careful about the height. They can cause problems by shifting your weight forward, causing back and hip pain.

If you want a higher heel, choose a wedge heel to give your foot more support or a smaller heel to wear.

Tips for choosing the correct summer footwear

If you're ready to put your foot health at the top of your summer to-do list, here are a few tips to follow for finding the best shoes:

Find a good fit

Shoes that fit well are essential to your foot health. When you choose comfy and shoes that fit correctly, your body doesn't have to work as hard to make up for any discomfort.

Test your shoes in the store, or come into the practice for a proper shoe fitting for optimal support and comfort.

Choose athletic shoes

A quality sneaker is one of the best shoes, no matter what time of year. Be sure to invest in a quality athletic shoe that's not just designed for the looks — it should be supportive and breathable, especially during the hot summer months.

Wear insoles in flats

Although flats aren't the worst choice for footwear, they could be better for long walks or sightseeing over the summer. Flats typically don't have good arch support. However, you can add comfort and durability with arch support, or invest in an insole.

Water shoes for the beach

If you go to the beach over the summer, consider buying water shoes to keep your feet safe. Even if your feet are healthy, water shoes protect your feet from sharp shells or hot sand.

Arch support for the win

Arch support keeps your weight evenly distributed, which reduces stress on the rest of your body. Choose a sneaker or sandal with ample support for every part of your foot, including your arches.

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