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Debunking Foot Myths Part 2

Apr 04, 2017
Today we present to you part 2 of our debunking foot myths series.

Today we present to you part 2 of our debunking foot myths series.

Myth: Shoe cause bunions.

Reality: It’s true that certain shoes can cause a bunion to be more painful, but bunions are actually a result of your foot type. This foot type is inherited, and makes you more prone to developing a bunion. Shoe themselves, do not cause a bunion.

Myth: My foot or ankle can’t be broken if I can walk on it.

Reality: You might be able to walk on your broken bone, depending on the severity of the break and your threshold for pain. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. You can often cause further damage if you continue to walk on it, even if it doesn’t hurt.

Myth: I don’t have flat feet.

Reality: There are several types of flat foot conditions that occur in adults. Flat feet can be present at birth or may occur gradually over time. If you have foot pain, it could be due to some degree of flat foot. It’s best to get evaluated by your podiatrist to be sure.

Myth: My feet are getting larger.

Reality: Your feet are not growing, but there are certain conditions that can make them appear larger over time. Developing bunions, hammer toes, or flat feet can make your feet wide and difficult to fit into shoes. Also, hormonal changes such as in pregnancy can cause relaxation of ligaments, which may contribute to widening of the feet.

Myth: I’m not an athlete, so it can’t be athlete’s foot.

Reality: “Athlete’s Foot” is a slang term for Tinea Pedis, which is a fungal infection that occurs on the feet. It gets its name because it is common among athletes due to going barefoot in locker rooms. Anyone can get this condition, so it is important to wear a shoe to protect your feet in common areas such as pools, locker rooms, or community showers.

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Dr. Shannon Cairns

Written by Dr. Shannon Cairns

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