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5 Reasons to Deal with Your Child’s Foot Problem Now

Jan 16, 2024
Kids are incredibly resilient and often don't complain about something until it's awful – especially when it comes to their feet. Read on to discover reasons to take care of a foot problem quickly with your child before complications arise.

It's common knowledge that kids can have foot problems just like adults, but sometimes they grow out of them. While that may be true for some, that’s not always the case.  Lingering foot issues may lead to other problems.

Taking your child to the podiatrist is a great idea, especially if you had foot problems when you were young — meaning they might be more genetically inclined. You should also consider bringing them in for treatment if they complain of discomfort or limp on one of their feet.

Taking care of your child's foot problem immediately is essential to prevent them from missing out on fun and sports. Dr. Daniel Cairns and the team at Toe-Tal Foot and Ankle Care in Watauga, Texas, understand the importance of pediatric foot care, especially when there's a problem.

Common foot problems in kids

Kids and adults share many of the same foot problems, although adults are more likely to complain. Many children don't speak up about issues with their feet from either embarrassment or because they don't think it's a big deal.

However, foot problems in kids can quickly escalate, causing complications or infections that can become severe without treatment. Talking to your kids about good foot hygiene can help, but having them inspect their feet regularly is even better.

Many conditions can affect children's feet; some are genetic, and others stem from overuse or extreme activity. You can expect any of the following conditions in your child's feet as they grow:

The above conditions can strike at any age but are common in children. If your child is physically active or plays many sports, they're more prone to injuries, infections, or fungus outbreaks.

Symptoms to look out for

The issue with foot problems in kids is that they only complain once the issue is terrible. For this reason, you must look for any abnormal symptoms that signal an issue with their feet.

Sometimes, kids don't ask for help because they're embarrassed about how their feet may look. You can spot a problem by looking for any of the following symptoms:

  • Limping or favoring one foot
  • Withdrawing from activities they like
  • Hiding or being secretive about their feet
  • Struggling to keep up with other kids
  • Tripping and falling frequently
  • Mentioning pain or discomfort

Although sometimes foot pain can be due to "growing pains," it still warrants a trip to our office. Kids don't usually complain about foot pain unless there's a real issue. 

Reasons to seek treatment now

Taking care of a situation early on can prevent issues from popping up in the future. Let’s look at five reasons to take care of your child's foot problem now instead of later:

1. Pain may worsen

If your child has an issue like a broken bone, sprain, or strain, the pain may not subside without treatment. When they complain of foot pain, it's a good idea to come in for an X-ray and exam to rule out severe problems in the feet.

2. Can prevent long-term complications

Some foot conditions won't improve without treatment and may lead to long-term complications in your child's feet. For example, plantar warts can lead to severe pain and may not go away independently. Infection is another complication from untreated cuts or ingrown toenails.

3. May require treatment

Kids who play sports and are active are at risk for ingrown toenails and fungal infections, which don't often get better without treatment. Dr. Cairns provides antibiotics, proper foot care instructions, and anti-fungal creams for these foot problems.

4. May require surgery

All babies have flat feet, but the natural arch usually develops in early childhood. If it doesn't, and your child has problems walking or complains of pain, we may need to perform surgery in rare cases to fix the problem before adulthood.

5. Can get your child active again

One of the most significant issues with foot problems in kids is them missing out on the activities and sports they love because of foot pain. Taking care of a foot problem early on ensures quick treatment and recovery to get them back to the things they love to do.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cairns for pediatric foot care, or send the team a message on our website.